Scaffolding Services

Angsana is now the market leader in providing scaffolding services for the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. We possessed a very vast trained & certified manpower which specializes in supplying, designing, erecting & dismantling scaffolding for towers, reactors, flares, equipments, external/internal tanks, pipe racks, vessels, infrastructure constructions etc., that complies with the highest DOSH safety regulations and is endorsed with the British Standards of quality control. Our fast track scaffolding services records have proven many times to our trusted partners and clients.

Our Capacity

We own 20 acres fabrication and service yards located throughout major oil and gas industry locations nationwide to accommodate with the increasing huge demand.

We are one of the largest scaffolding company in Malaysia boasting up to 3 million m3 of scaffolding materials to cater for any mega projects in country wide and internationally.

Our Quality & Standards

Our scaffolding is designed and manufactured to assure maximum safety performance and efficiency compliant with stringent DOSH safety regulations. We provide strong rugged, light-weight and heavy-weight working platforms of variety of sizes and heights. All of which conforms to the standards of BS1139 EN74.

Engineering & Mechanical Services

Angsana is one of the leading companies nationwide in providing engineering & mechanical services for the Oil & Gas Industry with over 20 years of experience. We offers full range of services from material supply to application of work which results a very cost effective and efficient work chain of productivity.

Material Supply:
Mineral Wools, Cellular Glass, Polyerethane, Calcium Silicate, Glass Wool, Ceramic Fiber, Light Weight, Heavy Density Castable & Refractory Cement, Firebrick & Boards, Jacketing Material (Aluminium Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet, Aluminized Steel Sheet & GI Sheet)

Engineering & Mechanical Work:

  • Blasting & Painting
  • Fireproofing Services
  • Refractory Services
  • Insulation Services (Hot / Cold Insulation, Cryogenic Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Personnel Protection Insulation)