Turnaround & Maintenance Work

Angsana specializes in Turnaround, De-bottlenecking, Refurbishment and Maintenance Works in the Oil and Gas Industry. We carry out maintenance & cleaning work for DOSH – repair works for Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Fired and Unfired Boilers, Reactors, Furnaces, Storage Tanks, Static Equipment and many other mechanical equipment.

We offer cleaning services such as Tubes and AFC Water Jetting Cleaning as well.

Other maintenance services included are replacing Boiler Tubes and rebuilding Pressure Parts. Our maintenance services such as upgrading, modification as well as repair works are all incompliance with ASME, BS and DIN codes.

In addition, we specialize in maintaining structural made of Carbon Steel, Chrome-Molybdenum Alloys, Duplex Stainless Steel, 300 & 400 series Stainless Steel, Steel Nickel Alloys.